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Retirement Planning

At Gibson Wealth Management, we can help you with many of life's toughest financial decisions.

  • Retirement planning: How should I invest my 401(k)? When can I retire? Will I run out of money?
  • Investment Strategies: Am I paying too much for my investments? Will I lose all of my money in the stock market? Where can I put money to work in this low-interest rate environment?
  • Estate Planning: Are my heirs taken care of? Will I inadvertently leave my family with a tax problem? Will my assets be distributed according to my wishes?
  • Tax Strategies: Where can I put money to work today without causing a tax nightmare? How can I save and invest now to reduce my tax burden?
  • College Savings: What is a 529 plan? How can it be used as an estate planning tool? How much do I need to save for my child's future college costs? How can I help my grandchildren with college costs?
  • Risk Management: Have I done enough to make sure my family is taken care of? How can I protect my family's assets from lawsuits? Am I over-insured? Am I paying too much?

At Gibson Wealth Management, we offer unbiased fee-based and fee-only investment management and financial planning. With GWM, you can be confident that you are paying for advice, not a "product push". Every fee-based investment management client is entitled to a formal written financial plan on an annual basis without additional charge. Or, if you prefer to do your own investing, fee-only financial planning is also available.

To learn more, or to just get a second opinion, call (214) 282-7302 to schedule a complimentary consultation.